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The stylish headlamp cluster provide maximum illumination in all weather conditions.
Stylised floral motif in a dual tone finishing forms a dynamic aesthetic.
Automatically switches on and adjusts the speed of the front wipers according to rainfall intensity for maximum visibility.
A wave of your foot activates the open and close function of the power tailgate.
A classy touch that welcomes you onboard.
7” high definition display delivers crisp and clear images of the information that matters most.
Luxurious seats with power adjustment and lumbar support to find your preferred seating position.
Offer improved comfort thanks to cool air circulating through the front seats.
Creates a sense of space and luxury to open up your world.
An integral part of the air-conditioning system that effectively filters smoke particulates, dust, bacteria and other pollutants. Click here to find out more.
Filters harmful gases, removes bad odour and kills bacteria.



Say “Hi PROTON” to control features like windows, air-conditioning and navigation through the 8” infotainment head unit.
GPS navigation offers driving directions and traffic alert warnings to stay ahead.
Enjoy your favourite music online and get updated with the latest weather forecast.
Mirrors your smartphone to the infotainment head unit.
Monitor and control specific functions of the vehicle via the PROTON Link app.
A power-packed, surround sound entertainment experience.
Charge electronic gadgets with ease; 2 at front console, 1 above rear view mirror, 1 at console box and 2 at rear.
Experience a powerful yet efficient drive with 130kW of power and 255Nm of torque.
Experience faster, smoother and more responsive gear shifting.
Choose between Normal, Eco or Sport mode to suit your driving style.
Automatically keeps the brake engaged when the vehicle comes to a complete stop. Brakes are released by depressing the accelerator pedal.
Tuned to provide a safe, comfortable and enhanced NVH driving experience.
Improves safety and handling in unfavourable road conditions.



Protect and reduce the risk of injury during a collision.
Alerts and brakes automatically when a potential frontal collision is detected.
Maintains a safe distance with the vehicle in front regardless of changes in speed.
Alerts the driver when the vehicle unintentionally drifts out of the lane.
Monitors for blind spots and alerts the driver when vehicles are nearby.
Senses potential danger when opening the front doors.
Automatically switches the headlamps between high and low beam when there are oncoming vehicles.
Monitors real-time tyre pressure and temperature for peace of mind.
Provides visual assistance to park with ease.









Peninsular Malaysia
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Proton MBF

Perfection From Every Angle

Every angle of the PROTON X70 exudes an inspiring intelligence like no other.